Nature Coaching | Eco-Coaching Professional Reflections
Nature Coaching | Eco-Coaching Professional Reflections
We are introducing Eco-Coaching Professional Reflections, the pioneering CINNAM Nature Behavioral Coaching Program tailored specifically for coaches and mentors. In today's rapidly changing and complex world, characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA), or described as brittle, anxious, non-linear, and incomprehensible (BANI), the role of coaches and mentors is undergoing a profound evolution, especially in the realm of sustainability.

Rather than merely adhering to coachees' agendas, we recognize the imperative to become partners in courageous leadership, fostering the creation of businesses that serve both society and our globalized world. As articulated by Hetty Einzig, this necessitates adopting roles that encompass activism, counseling, and change agency.
Our program equips participants with the tools and mindset for proactive eco-coaching, nurturing heightened sensitivity and knowledge that can contribute to a brighter and more sustainable future. Through a deep dive into advanced coaching principles and methodologies, we transcend individual ego and focus on cultivating an interconnected eco-self within broader systems.

Eco-awareness and eco-centric coaching literacy are fostered through direct engagement with the local environment and culture, set amidst the verdant vineyards of the Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Aligned with the rigorous international EQA/EIA EMCC coaching and mentoring standards, our program ensures the highest levels of quality and professionalism in every aspect of our coaching practice.
Nature Coaching | Restorative Working Environment
Nature Coaching | Restorative Working Environment
We're thrilled to announce the launch of our innovative Nature Coaching Program, designed with a dual purpose in mind:
Firstly, we seek to counteract the potential encroachment of technology-centric approaches in coaching, «technology paternalism» as highlighted by Gerd Gigerenzer. This entails addressing the overreliance on online sessions, excessive dependence on technological solutions, AI-driven coaching, and the resulting dilution of reflective, creative, and decision-making spaces.
Secondly, we aim to encompass the principles of embodied cognition theory by immersing individuals and teams in the natural environment, thereby enhancing their competencies. Through this interaction with nature, we endeavor to unlock intrinsic creativity, foster a human-oriented approach, and promote sustainable coaching practices that transcend anthropocentric limitations.

Central to the ethos of the Nature Coaching Program is the restoration and innovation of coaching journeys, rooted in the inherently creative and sustainable patterns found in nature. While embracing the benefits of the digital age, our goal is to amplify coachees’ performance, enrich their cognitive, emotional, and sensorial experiences, and nurture authentic, nature-immersive well-being.

Nature Coaching seamlessly integrates our professional business and executive services with the restorative power of the natural environment, as advocated by Rachel and Stephen Kaplan. Our Program Journeys are thoughtfully crafted in a blended format, commencing with online sessions and culminating (or merging) in the picturesque landscapes of Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato. Adhering to international EQA/EIA EMCC coaching and mentoring standards, we ensure excellence and consistency in our approach.

Self Wellbeing Management
Self Wellbeing Management
What do company employees ask for in Italy? First of all (Randstad 2022), a pleasant work atmosphere (65%) and a good balance between work and private life (65%); attractive salary and benefits obviously remain important but are in third place (61%).

Through the management of corporate welfare, the most enlightened organizations face this problem, assuming an important role of social responsibility in favor of their own people and local communities. However, if on the one hand the actions of employers to improve individual well-being increase (flexible working methods, childcare, new health policies, etc.), the personal actions of employees remain sporadic; many people (one in four according to Randstad research) do not proactively take any action, do not actually manage their well-being ... if anything, leave the company.

LIVELLA® Self Wellbeing Management Program approaches welfare from this very angle: through the change of individual behaviors, together with motivation and personal responsibility, with tangible benefits both for people's health and life, as well as for comfort and organizational performance.

In case of interest, do not hesitate to contact us for further information.
Gender Gap
Gender Gap
The WEF Meeting in Davos, which has just ended, has reconfirmed to us that progress on gender equality has stalled globally. In 2022, the gender gap was closed to 68.1%. At the current rate of progress, it will take 132 years to reach full parity (WEF GGGR 2022). For the economic dimension of the Global Gender Gap Index, it is even worse; Italy, in the ranking of 146 countries, is in position 110.
Last week, Sister André, believed to be the oldest woman in the world, died at the age of 118 in the city of Toulon. 118 years… It's not enough! Tell me: should we really hope that girls born in 2023 have a life expectancy of 132 years to enjoy the moment of full equality?
The Oxfam report (2023) adds other interesting information in parallel: since 2020, for example, the richest 1% have captured almost two-thirds of all new wealth, almost double that of the poorest 99% of the world's population. And even this figure is not in favor of women.

Women Wellbeing Coaching
Women Wellbeing Coaching
We are concerned with health and well-being of women since many years.
In 2014, our partner BLYMUM Srl launched Project Lilla Line, focused on the female wellness and health through the physiological balance management and modulators, for nutritional and physical needs and problems.

A distinctive food supplement Rubenflux® for the reduction of anaemia, tiredness, and fatigue of women was developed. The Rubenflux® formulation, supported by clinical trials, scientific publications and granted with an IP by the Italian Patent office, is a very concrete contribution to the UN SDG 2 and its Target 2.2, aimed at ending all forms of malnutrition, and addressing the nutritional needs of adolescent girls, pregnant and lactating women.

Today, in collaboration with BLYMUM Srl, we propose dedicated Coaching, Counseling, and Mentoring Programs for improving women’s day-to-day work, life/work balance, and overall wellbeing. “Many women are switching jobs for better opportunities, but some are considering downshifting and leaving the workforce. 43% of women leaders are burned out, compared to only 31% of men at their level,” (McKinsey, 2022).
Our professional team, made up of business and life coaches, mentors, physicians, nutritionists and psychologists, assists every single woman in her personalized path of behavioral and cognitive change. Interactive digital, design thinking and creative tools are put into practice to facilitate remote meetings, decision-making processes and communication.
The EQA EMCC coaching and mentoring standards are applied.

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