Project Mentoring
Project Mentoring
In today's post we would like to mention our Project Mentoring service, to support the strategic-operational management of design/project teams (PNRR projects, private/public tenders, and others).
There is no doubt that the success of a design process and its result depends not only on the technical skills (hard skills) and knowledge of the project team but is also the result of a coherent, innovative and systemic management of transversal skills (soft/smart skills), personal and collective. The formulation and development of the project value proposition are considerably conditioned by the relational, management, communication, problem-solving, and other skills of individuals and teams.
Through mentoring processes, we assist individuals and the entire project team in the improvement of professional skills/performance and the personalized overcoming of the challenges related to the project in progress.

EMCC Global Individual Accreditation (EIA)
EMCC Global Individual Accreditation (EIA)
The EIA Senior Practitioner international recognition, assigned to Iveta Merlinova by EMCC Global (EIA reference number EIA20230291), expresses the achieved level of knowledge in coaching and mentoring, and the ability to use it in professional practice with proven results.
Iveta's qualification allows us to offer our coaching and mentoring services with greater transparency and guarantee because it is more than a simple certificate: it demonstrates our continuous improvement and innovation thanks to rigorous and objective verification and confirms that the effectiveness of our interventions has reached high-quality standards on the global market.
In particular, the Senior Practitioner level reflects the ability and attitude to import new ideas into coaching and mentoring processes, the flexibility to work with many different types of clients, contexts, and organizations, and the ability to manage complex and demanding relationships and to help clients to live with ambiguity and change.
''GIRLS, STUDY STEM DEGREES … a job awaits you”
''GIRLS, STUDY STEM DEGREES … a job awaits you”
The World Economic Forum (2020) has indicated the "top 10 skills of 2025"; among these, there are only two related to technology. The rest are skills defined as soft, transversal, smart, or power skills. Those who do not possess them will progressively have difficulties both in their profession and in their career, vertical or horizontal (scientific-technical or otherwise). Men know it!
Furthermore, if your talent is, for example, communication, by studying technological-scientific subjects you will be able to demonstrate your intellectual abilities and even find work quickly, but it will be difficult for you to reach your vocation and excellent performance levels. What's more, in the meantime you'll also stifle your true talent (which, coincidentally, has become exactly what is in demand in the fluid and unpredictable market?).
STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects are useful and fascinating, but I would not advise any girl to choose them just to fill the gender gap or gaps in the national production system.
The awareness of girls must also grow in this direction. And the socio-economic system has the task of acting first, much sooner.

Service Bid Management
Service Bid Management
We live in one of the most challenging moments that requires comprehensive decisions, project management agility and authentic innovation. Today, it is particularly crucial for complex, but at the same time urgent solutions, addressed through tenders to public administrations and strategic private organizations.

To give a professional support to Your Project Design and Engineering teams, we have developed a specific methodology for Service Bid Management (SBM-ALDEHYDE MBS®), based upon our long-lasting experience, skills and knowledge in agile management, marketing modeling, service design management, customer experience management, design thinking, as well as written and graphic communication.

Our human-centered methodology guided by creative and analytical thinking, customer empathy and iterative learning is complementary to the traditional method of project management and introduces several innovative elements in the development processes of the integrated technical offers, particularly in the services sector.

Enterprises, both in service and manufacturing, benefit from our approach. We have a wealth of experience in sectors such as facility management, health care and wellbeing, customer care, delivery and distribution services, and others.

The actual situation requires to stay away from each other at least for a while. Nevertheless, through web channels and using collaborative platforms, we are able to give you a complete, immediate, interactive and continuous support, aimed at facing correctly your future challenges.

We remain at your disposal for any further information.

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Service & Experiential Design
Service & Experiential Design
The weight of services on the worldwide economy is around 70%. Many activities of the manufacturing are being digitized and they also include supporting and facility services. Moreover, the WTO confirms that “services exports grew faster than manufacturing exports worldwide and include more domestic content than manufacturing exports".

Today’s business is organized around "how customers experience their products and services"; in other words, around the Customer Experience. The right understanding, modeling and managing of the various experiential and service dimensions are the biggest challenge for the organizations’ front-line and its supporting staff.

CINNAM carries out Customer Journey & Experiential Mapping and develops Service Blueprints as manageable strategic and operational models that indicate how a service should be provided, which physical and virtual elements will interact with customers, employee actions and support systems to provide the experience through channels.

Our structured Service & Experiential Design  allows You to prepare your experts for the whole service delivery process: the sequence of front-line interactions and experiences together with the backstage activities.

Our practice is aimed at obtaining the customer and employee engagement and the harmony between the internal and external environment, business development and an overall sustainable economic and brand equity growth.

We remain at Your disposal for any further information.

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Align Frontline & Strategy
Align Frontline & Strategy
Even the brightest strategy has no value if it is not put into practice and well executed, especially by the people who interact daily with the customers of your Company.

Take a look, do you currently address at least one of these problems?
• High Strategy & Flat Experience: a lot of time and energy spent on the development of a business strategy and with customers dissatisfied or disappointed?
• Good Intentions & Poor Performance: an exceptional promotional campaign, but sales do not take off; an excellent commercial launch, but few repurchases; perfect brand care, but no       loyalty?
• Frontline Innovation & Strategy Tradition: digital interactions, technology, IoT, social media ... big data and many inputs from the market in real time, but your strategic planning process is   still the same?

If so, please contact us  to challenge together one of the biggest problems of today's business.

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