CINNAM Coaching Decalogue
CINNAM Coaching Decalogue
Every Business and Executive Coaching path we offer is entirely customized and tailored to the rhythms and personalities of those who embark on it. However, some fundamental patterns emerge within our approach, synthesized in the CINNAM COACHING DECALOGUE, reflecting our work style, core values, and applied mental models.

It is essential to establish a relationship of trust and conscious commitment (TRUST & COMMITMENT), which begins with a preliminary session to evaluate the chemistry and the foundations for a transparent collaboration that respects mutual privacy.

Each coaching session is a unique experience, fully lived in the present, in the "here and now." Simultaneously, the developmental potential is always oriented toward the future, with a systemic, strategic mindset guided by the Coachee's vision (PRESENT AND FUTURE).

The paths are guided by clear, shared objectives, accompanied by monitoring of the most impactful results (OKR - OBJECTIVES & KEY RESULTS). This meta-process is beneficial both for the success of the journey itself and for the Coachee to realize their ambitions and career.

The Coachee's awareness is cyclically deepened, broadened, interconnected, and related to the situation, the goals of the path, and their career. It encompasses the person and their surrounding environment, their relationships, and their resources in a broad sense (ECO-SELF AWARENESS).

The increase in awareness concerns all personal dimensions, not just professional ones (HOLISTIC HUMAN UNDERSTANDING): personality, critical thinking, social and emotional intelligence, sensibility, intuition, motivation, energy, and various others.

POSITIVE THINKING is another pillar of our method: we focus primarily on the Coachee's strengths, talents, and true calling; we activate streams of positive energy to spur the Coachee's potential; we enhance critical skills; we aspire to harmony and general well-being.

Our coaching paths are genuine brainstorming moments in which a wide range of creative, divergent, and convergent techniques can be used. We draw inspiration from sciences and arts, being transversal and generative (CREATIVE FLOW & INNOVATION).

The market's vulnerability, uncertainty, and current changes require flexibility, adaptability, and agility in our paths, especially if the journey is long-term or the Coachee's role/situation/responsibility demands it (DYNAMIC FLEXIBILITY).

Furthermore, we are explicitly committed to sustainable development, offering coaching paths and workshops focused on sustainability and supporting Coachees in seeking socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable solutions (SOCIAL & ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY).

Our coaching method is based on various theoretical schools of managerial thought, business & human development, coaching, and mentoring; it stands out for its action-oriented approach and guided reflection on actual personal experience (ACTION-BASED GROWTH).

Our method ensures rapid, concrete, and impactful learning for every Coachee.
Nature Coaching | Restorative Working Environment
Nature Coaching | Restorative Working Environment
We're thrilled to announce the launch of our innovative Nature Coaching Program, designed with a dual purpose in mind:
Firstly, we seek to counteract the potential encroachment of technology-centric approaches in coaching, «technology paternalism» as highlighted by Gerd Gigerenzer. This entails addressing the overreliance on online sessions, excessive dependence on technological solutions, AI-driven coaching, and the resulting dilution of reflective, creative, and decision-making spaces.
Secondly, we aim to encompass the principles of embodied cognition theory by immersing individuals and teams in the natural environment, thereby enhancing their competencies. Through this interaction with nature, we endeavor to unlock intrinsic creativity, foster a human-oriented approach, and promote sustainable coaching practices that transcend anthropocentric limitations.

Central to the ethos of the Nature Coaching Program is the restoration and innovation of coaching journeys, rooted in the inherently creative and sustainable patterns found in nature. While embracing the benefits of the digital age, our goal is to amplify coachees’ performance, enrich their cognitive, emotional, and sensorial experiences, and nurture authentic, nature-immersive well-being.

Nature Coaching seamlessly integrates our professional business and executive services with the restorative power of the natural environment, as advocated by Rachel and Stephen Kaplan. Our Program Journeys are thoughtfully crafted in a blended format, commencing with online sessions and culminating (or merging) in the picturesque landscapes of Langhe, Roero, and Monferrato. Adhering to international EQA/EIA EMCC coaching and mentoring standards, we ensure excellence and consistency in our approach.

Enhancing Organizational Excellence | Executive & Organizational Coaching
Enhancing Organizational Excellence | Executive & Organizational Coaching
Organizational Coaching is proposed as a potent methodology to aid organizations in crafting sustainable, human-centric models for desired growth and transformation. It works in tandem with enhancing the collective potential and performance of individuals. Through Organizational Coaching, the entire organizational system becomes the focal point (Coachee), and interventions are targeted at individuals, fostering their active participation rather than imposition, across various corporate tiers. This recognition empowers individuals to acknowledge their role in shaping their environments while being shaped by them, fostering reciprocal interdependence.

One of the principles of systems thinking asserts that responsibility for change and the ability to act are equally distributed among all system components. Each company or organization operates as a dynamic system, varying in complexity, where change is steered by both business imperatives (objective factors) and human dynamics (subjective factors). Typically, it is the subjective elements that necessitate deeper, more cohesive engagement across all organizational levels.

Undoubtedly, particular emphasis must be placed on C-Level Management in this endeavor. They serve as the formal sponsors accountable for the success of change initiatives, albeit not always as the instigators (as change doesn't always originate from the "top"). C-Level Executive Coaching within Organizational Coaching offers robust, high-value support for maintaining the system's dynamic equilibrium, which evolves organically rather than being predetermined, through the organization's dynamism.

In this milieu, honing skills often revolves around cultivating shared leadership styles and managing organizational and cultural alignment. This encompasses ethical considerations, structural adaptations, fostering creativity, sustaining motivation, managing energy levels, nurturing relationships, and promoting continuous learning.

CINNAM delivers professional coaching and mentoring services to foster sustainable, human-centric growth and change. 
Business Managers Career Coaching
Business Managers Career Coaching
In an organization, managers at all structural levels must learn to identify their strengths and weaknesses, acquire an awareness of their resources, and improve their skills. Companies themselves ideally manage development, but, as HBR (6 Ways to Take Control of Your Career Development if Your Company Doesn't Care About It, 2018) confirms, «we are now in the era of do-it-yourself career development -you» and it is often appropriate (if not even essential) to invest in one's future directly.
From January 15th it is possible to start new editions of our BUSINESS-MANAGERS CAREER COACHING PROGRAM. Every coaching path is a personalized mix of creative attention, self-marketing and awareness focused on increasing skills, intrinsic motivation, and proactivity in managing one's professional career—an aspirational, pragmatic path designed to address the needs of the current international job market.
If you are interested and need more information, we invite you to book an orientation session or contact us via

Female Leaders Internal Saboteurs
Female Leaders Internal Saboteurs
The Path to Equal report, developed jointly by UN and UNDP, and the Gender Snapshot, released by UN and UN DESA, are clear. They demonstrate that, while we should celebrate progress in key areas of gender equality, the overall picture is one of regression. «None of the targets for SDG 5 have been achieved. This should be a wake-up call for all of us and a clear call for change.»
The gender gap in power and leadership is an important component of the persistent lag in gender equality; Globally, women hold only 28.2% of leadership positions in the workplace. With the current slow pace of change, the share of women in management positions in the workplace will only reach 30% by 2050.
So, what are the potential drivers of change? Without a doubt also the correct training, mentoring and leadership coaching. From October 16th it is possible to start new editions of our coaching program FEMALE-LEADERS INTERNAL SABOTEURS, focused on increasing self-esteem, on the crystallization of one's own leadership model, as well as on behaviors that eliminate brakes and obstacles in successful personal and professional development of women.
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Executive Leaders Reflection Practice
Executive Leaders Reflection Practice
Executive reflection is the understanding, interpretation, and conceptualization of one's experience and its meaning. It is a form of learning based on sensations, feelings, emotions, and subjective thoughts; a "human" form of learning, unattainable by artificial intelligence.
«Executive Reflection is a learning partnership and individual development practice built on trust, security, and coach support. It provides a unique, creative, compassionate, resourceful, and generative reflective oasis for Leaders to gain a solid and profound awareness of WHO they are, WHY they do what they do, and HOW they do it" (Patterson, Arnold, and Hodge, 2020).
In this period, it is possible to start new editions of my EXECUTIVE-LEADERS REFLECTION PRACTICE program. The process deals with the personal and professional development of Executives and provides Leaders with the resources to carry out their roles with new decision-making and motivational clarity. The practice is oriented both at high levels of change (e.g., mission, purpose, identity) and at more operational levels (e.g., processes, behaviors, skills).
If you are interested and need more information, we invite you to book an orientation session or contact us via

EMCC Global Individual Accreditation (EIA)
EMCC Global Individual Accreditation (EIA)
The EIA Senior Practitioner international recognition, assigned to Iveta Merlinova by EMCC Global (EIA reference number EIA20230291), expresses the achieved level of knowledge in coaching and mentoring, and the ability to use it in professional practice with proven results.
Iveta's qualification allows us to offer our coaching and mentoring services with greater transparency and guarantee because it is more than a simple certificate: it demonstrates our continuous improvement and innovation thanks to rigorous and objective verification and confirms that the effectiveness of our interventions has reached high-quality standards on the global market.
In particular, the Senior Practitioner level reflects the ability and attitude to import new ideas into coaching and mentoring processes, the flexibility to work with many different types of clients, contexts, and organizations, and the ability to manage complex and demanding relationships and to help clients to live with ambiguity and change.
From Grace
From Grace
«Iveta, my wonderful coach, has helped me discover many beautiful and important facets of myself, which, until now, have been unknown and hidden within me. She was able to hear and fully understand my stories and tales, with all the ups and downs, always with patience, kindness, and professionalism.
The tools used in the sessions seemed simple at first glance but were able to reach specific and profound insights into my behavior and character that I would never have discovered on my own. Iveta reflected me, a clear and lucid reflection of my heart and soul, and, like a trustworthy compass, guided me to discover all the tools necessary to navigate my internal map to reach the final destination: pure self-awareness.
Above all, I realized that I already have everything I need inside of me: I just have to have the courage and determination to let it “play” and live to the fullest.» 
Executive Reflection
Executive Reflection
Reflection is the bridge between experience and learning, involving both cognition and feeling (Boud). Practicing Executive Reflection means periodically stepping back to meditate on the content of what happened to engage in a continuous learning and improvement process and to gain new decision-making and motivational clarity. When did you last do this exercise?

The consolidation of skills takes place at a higher qualitative level and faster if a series of steps, cyclically repeated, are respected in a conscious and structured way. With our support, the entire reflection practice achieves maximum effectiveness by exploiting a wide range of analytical tools, creative techniques, and other supports, consciously applied by the Executive Coach.

If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Empowerment & Capability Building
Empowerment & Capability Building
Are You aware of the need to face new market challenges in an innovative and systemic way, unlocking the technical, managerial and creative potential of Your human resources? Have you developed new strategies for the post-pandemic market and you need to share them with your team members? Are Your frontline and back-office team members unsure of what they are working toward?

We help You to design and carry out engaging transformation e-projects and e-programs that could face and resolve Your problems.

CINNAM Empowerment Support & Capability Building (ECB-ALDEHYDE MBS®) is focused on resources across the organization which are involved in delivering a convergent end-to-end customer experience. Such Change and Innovation Programs ensure the internal alignment and foster cross-disciplinary collaboration.

CINNAM has a wealth of experience in designing and managing different scales of Change Management, Organisational Coaching, and Mentoring Projects.

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Women Wellbeing Coaching
Women Wellbeing Coaching
We are concerned with health and well-being of women since many years.
In 2014, our partner BLYMUM Srl launched Project Lilla Line, focused on the female wellness and health through the physiological balance management and modulators, for nutritional and physical needs and problems.

A distinctive food supplement Rubenflux® for the reduction of anaemia, tiredness, and fatigue of women was developed. The Rubenflux® formulation, supported by clinical trials, scientific publications and granted with an IP by the Italian Patent office, is a very concrete contribution to the UN SDG 2 and its Target 2.2, aimed at ending all forms of malnutrition, and addressing the nutritional needs of adolescent girls, pregnant and lactating women.

Today, in collaboration with BLYMUM Srl, we propose dedicated Coaching, Counseling, and Mentoring Programs for improving women’s day-to-day work, life/work balance, and overall wellbeing. “Many women are switching jobs for better opportunities, but some are considering downshifting and leaving the workforce. 43% of women leaders are burned out, compared to only 31% of men at their level,” (McKinsey, 2022).
Our professional team, made up of business and life coaches, mentors, physicians, nutritionists and psychologists, assists every single woman in her personalized path of behavioral and cognitive change. Interactive digital, design thinking and creative tools are put into practice to facilitate remote meetings, decision-making processes and communication.
The EQA EMCC coaching and mentoring standards are applied.

At your disposal for any further information:
YOLO Economy & Wellbeing
YOLO Economy & Wellbeing
The YOLO Economy is often associated with the pursuit of individual pleasure, at the expense of corporate fatigue and stress, lack of long-term commitments, professional changes without a vision of the future, and excessive risk appetite of those concerned.

If on the one hand we get an endless flow of creative ideas of Millennials (and not only), to achieve a better balance between personal and working life, on the other hand we perceive a certain concern for the future (first of all that of the company) and for the progressive reduction of responsibilities and long-term commitment by new generations.

But, to paraphrase Peter Drucker, opportunity always brings responsibility. Personal well-being is in the life cycle of each of us the result not only of our ingenuity of the moment, but also of the investment of those who preceded us, grew up and supported us at the start. The investment that must be re-generated: yes, You (We) Only Live Once, but not at the expense of others. It is a question of individual sustainability.

So welcome is this moment in which millions of people are re-evaluating their professional careers, their priorities and looking for a new purpose in life. But it must be managed both on a personal level and on a system level. It is a complex process, which requires a mix of particular skills, with the aim at being a manager of oneself, of one's happiness and also of one's sustainability. The pursuit of well-being is an act of awareness, responsibility, gratitude, and generosity.

In the LIVELLA® Self Wellbeing Management Program we address all these issues.

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