Strategic Advisory is a middle/long-term service directly carried out by Iveta Merlinova, with an eventual support of CINNAM professional network. Its aim is to provide highly professional guidelines, opinions, analysis and reports within Market & Customer Insights, Value Proposition Modeling, Sustainable Business Strategy, Service & Experience Design, Change & Innovation Programs and Marketing & Communication Plans, characterized by its continuity and integrated vision.


Executive Mentoring is offered both within advisory/management projects and separately, as stand-alone programs. Our long-lasting experience in change management, learning-processes innovation, in-house, business-school and university training and mentoring give us the opportunity to support management executives and project teams through customized and professional management knowledge transfer.


Interim Management is the most appropriate format for middle-term innovation and business development projects, start-ups, complex product/service launches and organizational transformations. CINNAM Interim Management is the temporary direct provision of knowledge, management tools and skills in order to lead a period of transition, at or near-board organizational level. Our Interim Executive Management is proposed for general, innovation, marketing, brand, experience and service management areas.


Smart Consulting, in other words CINNAMONline, assures, through web channels and digital social networks, the availability of our services on-line. It includes Strategic Advisory, Executive Mentoring and selected E-Learning programs. Smart Consulting could be complementary and blended with other services and delivery.


Labs are mental, virtual and physical spaces where new business ideas, visions and solutions are generated, discussed and launched, using individual and group genius, original methods, as well as divergent and convergent creative thinking. Artistic and design creativity is mixed with science, market research and experiences. The maker culture emphasizes production, tangibility and visibility, learning and communication by doing. Our Creative Labs include design, prototyping and modeling, with the aim to facilitate understanding and engagement. Creative Labs are designed as experiential events for clients that aim at improving their team working, team building, brand alignment, motivation, group creativity and management meetings’ quality, as well.


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