Strategic Management
Strategic Management is a continuous and complex analytical, creative, modeling, planning, executive and monitoring process.

Our long-term Strategic Advisory services are based on the diversified and integrated professional experience within different business functions, sectors and countries. Through our knowledge and tools we significantly contribute to successful design of Clients’ strategies and development plans, strategic international marketing and innovation.

In case of specific projects, our approach to Executive Mentoring and Interim Management is based on Business Modeling: decisions regarding the future direction of a business, its strategies, planning and performance measurement are fixed, shared and measured using models that setup and figure a particular business solution and context, usually in a visual or tangible way (modular mock-up), extremely efficient for further project’s internal and external communication, and for continuous improvement activities.

CINNAM offers its strategic services for creative idea generation, scenario building, strategic planning, performance evaluation system design, agile transformation and people change management.

Zooming: Vision-driven Planning Processes [from Merlinova, I.: Molecular Marketing: Market Leadership Creative Modeling (Charleston: CINNAM, 2013)].

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