Marketing & Communication Plans
Strategic marketing is a process through which a company or institution determines the most suitable development strategies on the market, for achieving their medium-long term objectives.

With our support, this process of planning takes the form of a
creative, analytical, decision-making and execution iterative path, which, starting from the understanding and interpretation of the needs and expectations of the stakeholder system, actual or envisaged, arrives at identifying the strategic guidelines of the company and the distinctive methods for their implementation.

Essential for marketing and communication managers is the drafting of the marketing and/or communication plan, as well as the budget and performance measurement systems, referring to the portfolio offer. The plan is based upon the analysis and/or estimation of demand and future trends, on the use of information for assessing the competitive position and on the formulation of sustainable development strategies with high-final impact.

Marketing Model based Planning (MMP-ALDEHYDE MBS®) is our distinctive approach to planning that ensures completeness of solutions which are to be implemented. It provides a stable reference point for more frequently changing planning or product portfolio development processes and gives the consistency and clarity to the internal and external communication and change management processes.

Throughout the planning process, we apply innovative sharing and agile activation tools, based upon creativity, design thinking and open innovation. Both vertical, top-down and bottom-up, and horizontal, across teams, creative collaborative processes are managed.

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