Service & Experience Design
Today’s business is organized around "how customers experience their products and services"; in other words, around the Customer Experience. The agile organizations have been turning into cross-functional teams which manage different touch points and touch moments with the customer, with clear objectives, responsibilities and authority over each of them. The right understanding, modeling and managing of the various experiential and service dimensions are the biggest challenge for the organizations’ front-line and its supporting staff.

CINNAM carries out Customer Journey & Experiential Mapping and develops Service Blueprints as manageable strategic and operational models that indicate how a service should be provided, which physical and virtual elements will interact with customers, employee actions and support systems to provide the experience through channels.

Our structured Service & Experiential Design (SED-ALDEHYDE MBS®) allows You to manage the whole service delivery process, the sequence of front-line interactions and experiences, together with the backstage activities, which are hidden from customers and are not part of their direct service experience.

Customers and other stakeholders have a mind, heart, body and soul; experiences and memories are holistic, even though just precise and distinctive functional or rational benefits are offered. Our practice is aimed at obtaining the customer engagement and the harmony between the internal and external environment, business development and an overall sustainable economic and brand equity growth. We always keep in mind that business is created, managed and developed by and for people.

A particular technical support is given to clients within our Service Bid Management (SBM-ALDEHYDE MBS®). As an innovative process based upon project management, design thinking and agile management integration, it includes service proposal modeling, planning, leading and mentoring.

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