Value Proposition Models
A Value Proposition provides basic arguments as to why the customer should choose precisely that company, brand, product, service or solution. It defines the distinctive system of value drivers in a certain environmental context, competitive or otherwise, the unique strengths on the specific market.

We propose our distinctive VP Modeling methodology (VPM-ALDEHYDE MBS®) that ensures completeness of solutions which are to be implemented. It provides a stable reference point for more frequently changing planning or brand/product portfolio development processes and gives the consistency and clarity to the internal and external communication and change management processes.

The proposed Value Proposition Models treat in an integrated way the valuable elements and processes concerning the company’s business proposal and facilitates future management activities and business growth. They illustrate the fundamental idea and mechanism of how an organization creates, provides and acquires core value in multidimensional reality of the market, balancing the involved stakeholders’ perspective.

Our Value Proposition Models are decision-making tools and are functional on all company levels: for strategic business and brand portfolios, for specific business units, as well as for customer journey and experience design. High impact of the Value Proposition Modeling can be achieved in the processes such as Business Modeling, Strategic Business Planning; Marketing and Commercial Planning; New Product and/or Service Development and Launch; Bidding and Contract Management; Brand Management; Customer Relationship and Experience Management; Change & Transformation Management.

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