Market & Customer Insights
Market & Customer Insights are activities never in their own right. CINNAM proposes the holistic understanding and use of information, in a pragmatic and functional way.

For this purpose, we have developed our original
7Is MODEL (7IS-ALDEHYDE MBS®), based upon the following integrated activities:
Insight, Integrate, Interpret, Inform, Inspire, Involve and Impact.

We offer You our experience and skills to identify, analyze, evaluate and interpret the data related to:
i) the potential market and the one already covered;
ii) the current competition and new entrants in traditional and non-traditional sectors and segments;
iii) the rational and emotional behavior of customers, with the objective of defining new opportunities for generating shared value. In our insights, the quantitative/qualitative upstream marketing and market intelligence techniques, as well as a plethora of innovative design thinking techniques and tools are applied.

Consistent with the client's strategic guidelines, we design the architecture of the data to be monitored, generating useful information for the design, innovation, content management and integrated communication processes. Often, insights and communication are two integrated activities; if on the one hand the relevant information represents an important content of internal and external corporate communication, on the other hand it is essential to manage communication and interaction with the stakeholders aiming at opening and innovating the insight channels.

Market & Customer Insights are implanted into the design and development processes of new products, services and experiences. Based upon the understanding of trends and the development of scenarios, they condition the definition of the company's development strategies, its positioning on the market and its value proposition. Customer Insights define the management of customer satisfaction and facilitate the customer engagement.

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