Management Services
CINNAM proposes special management services both within its consultancy and training projects, and separately.

Market Research services are offered for explorative market and marketing analysis, creative idea hunting, qualitative interviews and customer satisfaction monitoring. The support covers design and development of the market research projects and tools, research and interviews’ execution, data elaboration and reporting.

Temporary Change Management
is offered within integrated business development, marketing, customer care and innovation projects. Project governance and leading, project managers’/innovation- champions’ mentoring and coaching, team building, company training academy launch and in-house executive methodological and operational supports are proposed.

Temporary Marketing Management services are offered for new product launches, digital marketing development and international business development.
Complex Offering Management includes preliminary market research, customer-oriented proposal modeling, tender management and coordination, writing, graphic design services and complementary supporting servicing. CINNAM's marketing, systemic, organizational and HR management competencies give an important added value to complex tenders’ response and increase its commercial success and acceptance.

CINNAMONLINE: CINNAM online but also CINNAMON line... which one do you prefer? In either case, this is your direct, flexible web contact with us and the digital channel through which CINNAM provides consultancy on-demand, individual mentoring, market research and complex offering management services.