Creative Labs
Creative Labs are short or long-lasting mental, virtual and physical spaces where new business ideas, visions and solutions are generated, discussed and launched, using individual and group genius, original methods and creative thinking. The sensorial stimulation to do creative work is very important and unconventional design or industrial objects, music, pictures, scientific prototypes and other stimuli are used in all marketing innovation process phases.

ALDEHYDE Molecular Business Systems® solutions are offered for gathering, elaborating and sharing transversal ideas that can potentially influence company business innovation and decision making, within a specific market context.

Creative Labs have to facilitate idea hunting, cross watching and cross pollination between design, architecture, crafts, arts, science, social and other areas, with the aim to find uncontested solutions, contents and forms. Labs are often managed through a specific format - Twin Labs: two separated meetings are organized: the first one is dedicated to the divergent, individual and collective creativity, the following one is focused on the divergent innovation and problem solving. Between the two meetings, a variable time interval is left in order to permit idea’s incubation and improvement. Twin Labs format is excellent for business innovation processes, marketing, selling, customer care and strategic planning innovation.

Creative Labs are designed as Experiential Events for companies, networks and institutions that aim at improving their team working, team building, brand alignment, motivation, group creativity and management meetings’ quality, as well.