Executive Training
Business Executives are expected to be smart and stimulating, and such “effervescent” managerial profiles are just rarely created spontaneously; they are usually obtained through complex and original change processes, through a kind of mind “fermentation.” We call this kind of training, coaching, and mentoring SPARKLING, perceived as a system of people change-management processes that transform business models and plans into management execution and generate added value through people’s growth and empowerment.

CINNAM’s training and change management formats such as Clouds, Labs, Pills or Twins are authentic «sparkling bubbles»; training formats that often combine project-working and methodological/ conceptual knowledge inputs, with the aim of boosting innovation and, through change management processes, facilitating its deployment within companies. Divergent and convergent creativity is transversal to all training programs. Executives, leading front-line company personnel and talented people are our main training targets. Our reference areas are: marketing modeling, strategic management, business innovation, social and environmental sustainability, and workplace wellness management.

In addition, the modular structure and the module industrialization of the  
ALDEHYDE Molecular Business Systems® SPARKLING formats allow the use of such an integrated and coherent training system in a very flexible way, with the possibility to propose customized, one-to-one training and change-management solutions, to reduce training and working costs and to keep content updated.