Business Consultancy
CINNAM consulting competency covers the fields of business creativity, innovation and management.

Creativity, individual and collective,  is stimulated when new products, services, actions, strategies or business models are requested. Our approach includes processes that facilitate divergent and convergent creativity, visioning, scenario building, lateral thinking and stimulate individual and group genius.

Innovation is closely related to creative processes and oriented towards the deployment and sharing of creative ideas within the company and/or on the market. Usually both top-down and bottom-up approaches are employed, along with internal and open business innovation. Innovation business consultancy, eventually completed by training and management servicing, embraces all main entrepreneurial, marketing and commercial activities.

Management consultancy is strongly influenced by an innovation mindset and aims at improving the leadership of our Clients through the development of new management and organizational models and processes, applied to marketing and business development, strategic management, business innovation, project management, sustainability and workplace wellness management.

ALDEHYDE Molecular Business Systems┬« consultancy solutions are offered within six integrated service packages: ZOOMING, COOKING, BRAINING, CRAFTING, FARMING and VEECTORING.