Marketing Modeling
Marketing knowledge is our core competency and is offered on the global market through consultancy, training, labs and services. 

MOLECULAR MARKETING is CINNAM exclusive innovative methodology regarding the market-leadership creative modeling, based on systemic approach, creativity and sustainability. Molecular Marketing Models are frameworks that define value creation, elements, and processes within a specific internal and external company environment and for specific goals. 
CINNAM, through Molecular Marketing Modeling, designates the concept of an integrated company value proposition and the key strategic and operational activities that will guide company to a higher level of competition and/or innovation than its single elements and/or processes could face. The Molecular Marketing Model is considered the core module of the Molecular Business Model.

Molecular Marketing Table of Elements [from Merlinova, I.: Molecular Marketing: Market Leadership Creative Modeling (Charleston: CINNAM, 2013)].

Marketing Modeling encompasses both strategic and operational areas, brand management, complex sales, customer relationship management and web marketing.