Sustainability & Wellness
Sustainability is not just one of CINNAM’s basic values and working behaviors, but it is our core business offering, as well. CINNAM supports its clients in their efforts to define and implement innovative and sustainable business solutions that respect people, the environment and the economic balance. Our proposals have a long-lasting positive impact on the company’s positioning on the market, on its brand reputation and leadership. In collaboration with scientific institutions and expert, a particular competency has been developed in the area of workplace wellness and health management.

Sustainability Value Hub provides:

Sustainability Reporting Services structured within three phases: assessment,  
writing, assurance;
Sustainability Building Services across the following areas: environmental. social, economic and integrated;
Sustainability Marketing Services, structured within the internal and external 
stakeholder clusters.

CINNAM’s approach is based on system and design thinking, aimed at contributing to the harmony between the company’s internal and external environment, people’s wellness, business development and an overall sustainable economic and human growth.