Business Innovation
CINNAM business innovation approach, thanks to its modular platform frameworks and shared leadership mindset, is vision- and scenario-driven, customer-oriented, flexible and structured at the same time. Within the business innovation processes, three main drivers are taken into account:
technology, the market, and strategic design. Within CINNAM innovation platform, three innovation processes are activated: 

Open Focused Innovation, focused on product/service, process and model innovation; 
Platform Architecture Innovation, focused on the innovation-platform bonds and structure enhancement, and 
Strategic Platform Innovation, concerning strategic innovation priorities and leadership.

Pulsing: Business Innovation Metabolism [from Merlinova, I.: Molecular Marketing: Market Leadership Creative Modeling (Charleston: CINNAM, 2013)].

Both vertical (top-down and bottom-up) and horizontal (across teams) creative processes are managed. The culture of idea modeling and prototyping is pervasive in our methodology. Modular and integrated innovation are complementary, managed inside the company and in collaboration with existing and potential customers. CINNAM business innovation meta-model is a learning system operating through creative training, internal communication and knowledge management innovation. 

ALDEHYDE Molecular Business Systems┬« processes such as PULSING, CRAFTING, BRAINING and SPARKLING are deployed.