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The referential text for the MARKETING MODEL Based MANAGEMENT advisory and mentoring is MOLECULAR MARKETING: Market Leadership Creative Modeling, written by Iveta Merlinova. The publication presents a disruptive approach to the strategic market development and business modeling based on systemic collaborative creativity and sustainable strategic design. “Marketing Molecules”, developed and deployed through specific creative processes that are proposed in the book, represent dynamic systems that define a higher level of competition/business innovation than their elements do.
Accordingly, the architecture of the book reflects three main areas of concern within today’s marketing innovation: on the first level, the innovation of marketing elements/drivers structured in the original Molecular Marketing Table of Elements; on the second level, innovation in marketing processes, offering solutions such as “Molecular Marketing (MM) Zooming”, “MM Cooking”, “MM Braining”, “MM Veectoring”; and, on the highest level, innovation in marketing models (i.e., Marketing Molecule Model, Marketing Innovation Model). 
The book uses in parallel verbal and visual language, and the whole content is proposed through integrated twin pages that combine text, infographics and management frameworks in an alternative and very comprehensive way.
The book is available on Amazon and iBook
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CFMT Marketing Seminars
This year we propose in collaboration with CFMT two seminars dedicated to marketing and business innovation: "Strategic Marketing Models" and "Operational Marketing Models".  The next appointment is in Milan on Tuesday Dec 19th.
CINNAM has launched a new advisory and mentoring service entitled MARKETING MODEL Based MANAGEMENT. The proposal is intended as a methodological and creative service support for organisations and professionals that seek innovative business management drivers and reference processes for the company and customer value creation. 
Especially positive results, concerning the introduction of Marketing Models as decision-making tools, are achieved  in the following processes: Business Modeling, Strategic Business/Industrial Planning; Marketing and Commercial Planning; New Product and/or Service Development and Launch; Bidding and Contract Management; Brand Management; Customer Relationship Management; Change Management.
Three basic collaboration formats can be previewed: methodological consultancy and mentoring on site; methodological consultancy and mentoring on line;  complete methodological and content marketing advisory service.
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MMbM Philosophy
The actual global market exchanges have to be supported by innovative integrated solutions, hardly provided by traditional business management.
MARKETING MODEL Based MANAGEMENT (MMbM), developed by CINNAM, is a concrete response to the companies’ exigency to be sustainable, flexible and closer to the market; to understand, anticipate and satisfy customers’ experiential expectations within the “floating world”, with the best possible performance.
Model Based Management refers to the activity of managing and making decisions regarding the future direction of a business, processes, or systems based on information obtained from models that document a specific business context. A Marketing Model, in particular, designs a concept of the market multidimensional reality, putting the market and people perspective in the center of the whole sight. If introduced and employed within key management processes, it assures an absolute devotion to the customer and an automatic alignment between the company and customer value creation.
MARKETING MODEL Based MANAGEMENT acts along with the two essential directions:
format and methodology innovation, carried out through new processes and creative tools;
content innovation, moving the focus of opportunity research, development and execution towards new markets, customer needs, communication formats, selling techniques and care giving.

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MMbM Applications
MARKETING MODEL Based MANAGEMENT is essential for all contemporary organizations that are authentically customer oriented, throughout their internal and external activities.
CINNAM manages its advisory services both along with the specific management processes (business planning, new product development, change management and others) and for the conception, design, testing, employment and sharing of the Strategic Marketing Model.

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