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CINNAM is a consulting firm and a creative lab focused on innovation and market leadership, supporting its Clients in areas such as strategic business development, marketing, brand management, integrated offering & selling, customer servicing and sustainable growth.

CINNAM assists its Clients within both process-oriented (i.e., innovation management, marketing modeling, business planning, project management) and people-oriented (i.e., executive training, mentoring, change and stress management) projects, interdependent, complementary and often combined together.

Our distinguishing competency is the ability to work within complex environments and to develop innovative business solutions based on creativity and collaborative processes in a very short time. Our aim is to be creative and consistent at the same time: alongside with content and management innovation go engineering, efficiency and performance measurement, respecting people, society, nature and budgets.

ALDEHYDE Molecular Business Systems® is a registered trademark that represents CINNAM’s original approach to business modeling and innovation on the international market, ensuring Clients’ top performance in processes such as strategic planning, product and service launch and life-cycle management, customer experience and relationship improvement, change management and others.

Business-to-business and business-to consumer companies, both in manufacturing and services, as well as networks and individuals may benefit from our approach. We have a wealth of experience within sectors such as logistics, facility management, fashion, automotive, industrial equipment production, pharmaceutical, and others.

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